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Seal Coating

Seal coating is the application of coal tar emulsion which is a formulated mix of sand, clay, fillers and fine aggregates with minimal water dilution to protect asphalt pavement from different effects of the environment, most notably water moisture and ultraviolet oxidation. It helps to replenish newly paved lots after the curing process and/or aged asphalt once the original oils in the pavement have diminished (oxidation). Seal coat may hide some inefficiencies in pavement, it is not a form of repair for damaged asphalt or cracking. 


Striping or painting is the final touch on any form of pavement repair whether it be new asphalt, concrete, seal coating or a simple re-stripe. Striping paint is applied not only for general parking stalls, but also designates handicap parking, pedestrian & vehicle path of travel, no parking lanes, directional traffic flow and much more. This application emphasizes the importance of safety and efficiency in any parking lot, as well as, fresh curb appeal for current & prospective clients, tenants and residents. *Our services include sandblasting, pressure washing & curb painting!

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